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April 17 2012

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Hi, Last POst 2009, Haha
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Just Nice View!
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November 25 2009

As we sat in the bunker awaiting our orders, the other guys and I started comparing the robot war we were in to other wars.

“Vietnam would’ve been terrible,” said one of the soldiers.

“Yeahhhh…” we said, collectively agreeing.

Then another soldier chimed in.  “Yeah, but at least when it rained on the Vietnamese, they didn’t malfunction and go into “rape mode” like the robots we’re fighting.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” we began saying to one another, pretending to have forgotten how fucking seriously worried we all were about that.

Tom Oatmeal
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November 19 2009

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London calling – And everybody goes: Yeaahh! #140conf | Spreeblick
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October 24 2009

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September 25 2009

Und Walter Ulbricht so: Yeaahh
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September 23 2009

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YouTube - ARD Tagesthemen - Flashmob ...und alle so „Yeaahh!
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September 22 2009

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September 21 2009

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September 19 2009

Sollte es offiziell "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit und alle so Yeaahh!" heißen? #yeaahh http://twtpoll.com/tkh29p #twtpoll
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September 18 2009

Party, Protest - und eine Kanzlerin, die weiter ihre Rede abspulte, als ob nichts wäre: Eine lautstarke Gruppe von Demonstranten, die sich im Internet verabredete, hat den Auftritt Angela Merkels in Hamburg gestört. Mit ironischem Dauer-Gejubel.
Flashmob trifft Kanzlerin: Merkel in Hamburg - und alle rufen "yeaahh" - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt
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form - und alle so: "yeaahh" (Musikvideo)
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YouTube - Und Alle so: "Yeaahh"
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