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June 24 2017

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whoa, thats intents!
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Something that was finished a few month ago: Yharnam’s bestseller “How to pick up fair maidens”, my convention helper book. Perfect for storing snacks, convention tickets, business cards and even drinks.

Made out of cardboard, leather, acrylic paint, glue and thread.


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Gwendoline Christie is the actress for Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. She stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall and took swordfighting, horseriding, and stagefighting lessons for her part, as well as gaining 14 pounds of muscle, to accurately portray Brienne. (x)

She was also terrified of cutting her hair because she’d spent her life believing it was one of the only things that would make people see her as feminine despite her height. In an interview with TV Guide she said:

I struggled for a long time with [cutting] my hair, but then I’m grateful for the opportunity to realize that femininity doesn’t have to come from hair or any of those traditional female archetypes of appearance, So, that’s been exciting actually. I can’t speak with any kind of authority whatsoever because I’m just an actor and I only have my opinions, but I do think it’s really refreshing to have a woman depicted on a mainstream TV show that doesn’t obey typical aesthetics of females and the way they have been portrayed in the past. And I’m really excited to be portraying one of those women. And I hope that her popularity signals a greater expansion of people’s views about men and women and that gender types can be more flexible.

The more I hear about this lady the more wonderful she seems

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June 23 2017

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Madam Moll, Gangster from The Late 20’s with her M1928 Thompson in front of a bank safe she just robbed…

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This is a picture from the Curiosity Rover on Mars showing Earth from the Perspective of Mars. You are literally looking at your home from the Perspective of another planet. Epic times indeed

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this is literally the best thing ever

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